Welcome To Budget Homestay In Nepal

Warm greetings from Budget Homestay !!!!
Come, be the part of our big family. Do not just travel by but live the local life. Share the authentic local dishes with us, learn about our primordial culture that has been passed on from one generation to another without any adulteration, live the way we live. Let us be your guide and see the real Nepal in a way like never before. In our Budget Homestay in Nepal, you will be welcomed as a family member. You will be picked up from Kathmandu Airport and taken to our house where traditional setting meets with modern amenities. The house is built in Newari fashion with its trademark terracotta tiles and antique carved wood doors and windows.
Let us promote eco-tourism and cultural tourism and contribute in saving culture. You are invited to our friendly house.

Travel to different places as doing same thing just not bring you to taste the different in your tour. Try to do something new that makes you feel like free  waves of winds. Being rich in cultural diversity we Nepali people have different living styles and that is completely idle one. You will surely find a new way of living which has been passing on from ancestors to us. 
Budget homestay welcomed you as a family member. Good hospitality, peace environment and awesome natural views are some features that you find within us.  A day starts with a beautiful sunrise view from the rooftop with a sip of a tea is what you hard to find anywhere else. The house is made up in  traditional  styles- carved wooden doors & windows. Rooms are well carpeted, well furnished & have attach bathrooms. You can also use the internet services, cable television and so on. Try to taste our Nepali food and also you can learn to cook here too. 

So, be the part of us during your days in Nepal if you want to collect  memorable experiences & will remembered  to cherish forever.Take Nepali cooking classes from our cooking experts. 
So, stay with us before or after your travel and trekking holidays and leave with collection of memorable experiences that you will cherish forever. We are here to provide you with affordable homestay in Nepal.